Welcome to the Careers page at the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission (GMCC)! This page is maintained to reflect positions that are currently available. Applicants are encouraged to check this page regularly for new and updated position announcements, listed below. As an administratively attached agency, the Georgia Secretary of State Human Resources Division provides support to the Commission throughout the hiring process.

Applicants may apply for State of Georgia positions at the Commission through the Team Georgia Careers website
by following the "link" associated with each job to complete an online application.

The Commission encourages environmental responsibility. Reduce paper consumption and apply online! Alternatively, if the job listing provides instructions to do so, applicants may submit a résumé or application for a position if the job announcement indicates provides that option (where applicable). Please note: the Commission does not return phone inquiries about position listings or respond to résumé submissions unless an applicant is selected for interview in response to an active position listing.

Applying for a position is an initial step that allows the Commission to review your qualifications. As such, when submitting an application or résumé, please do not include personal identifiable information such as social security number, birth date or information regarding criminal history at this time. We will request this information if the applicant is offered a position at the Commission.  



All qualified applicants will be considered, but may not necessarily receive an interview. Only applicants selected for interviews will receive a letter of the position's status.
Please Note: Due to the large volume of applications received by this office, we are unable to return phone inquiries about position listings, or provide information on your application’s status over the telephone.

After submitting an application, candidates may be contacted to schedule an interview. On the day of the interview, candidates will be interviewed either by a panel of interviewers all participating in one meeting, or in a series of one-on-one interviews with the Commission. The interview process provides each candidate with the opportunity to tell us about their qualifications, skills, and experience. In addition, during the interview process, candidates will learn more about the job, the Agency, and the benefits of working in state government.

Note: Only qualified candidates who are selected to interview will be contacted by our office.

Pre-Employment Screening:
If you are extended an offer, upon your acceptance, we will conduct a thorough pre-employment screen. This screen may include, but is not limited to verifiying work and education history, fingerprinting, an extensive criminal background investigation, and a drug screen.

Now that you have successfully completed the hiring process, your next step is to report to work. Although, this is the last step in the hiring process, we expect it will be your first step toward a fulfilling career with the Commission.

Equal Opportunity Employer  

The Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability military or veteran status, or genetic information.