Licensed Production Facility/Dispensary Complaint Information

The Commission

The State of Georgia has determined that thousands of Georgians have serious medical conditions that can be improved by the medically approved use of cannabis and that the law should not stand between them and treatment necessary for life and health. State law created the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission (“GMCC” or “Commission”) to regulate and oversee the production, growing, manufacturing, and dispensing of low-THC oil and products in Georgia for patients who have been recommended and certified by their physicians to be registered on the Georgia Department of Public Health’s Low-THC Oil Patient Registry. 

The Law and Regulations

Georgia’s Hope Act is the statutory framework of the Commission and its duties, authorities, and responsibilities, and establishes the medical cannabis program for the state. This Act is codified in Sections 16-12-191 through 16-12-236 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.). The Commission’s adopted and promulgated rules are found in Chapter 351 of the Rules and Regulations of the State of Georgia. The Act and rules can be accessed on the GMCC website at

Licensed Production Facilities and Dispensaries

Georgia’s Hope Act authorizes the Commission to issue a total of six production licenses to regulate six businesses to produce, grow, and manufacture low-THC oil and products. The Act also authorizes the Commission to issue dispensing licenses to those entities with such production licenses to dispense such low-THC oil and products to patients. The Act also authorizes the Commission to approve independent laboratories to test such low-THC oil and products. Information about licensed production facilities and dispensaries, as well as approved independent laboratories, can be found on the GMCC website at

Information to Submit a Complaint

The following information is required to file a complaint about a licensed production facility, licensed dispensary, or an approved independent laboratory:

How to File a Complaint

Complaints with all required information should be submitted to the Commission via email to the following address: